Mary Giordano Brackett is a whole-foods advocate and a creative entrepreneur based out of Boston, Massachusetts. After receiving her BFA in photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Mary went on to photograph hundreds of weddings, events, people, and places before recognizing her true passion: the healing power of real food. Combining a love of the creative arts with a devotion to ancestral nutrition is her life's work, illustrating and illuminating the importance of our food choices.  Mary works on projects that enlighten people in regards to their health, in hopes of helping people free themselves from the tyranny of Frankenfood and reclaim their birthright: health and happiness. 

Mary's health journey has spanned decades, and knowing first hand how discouraging life can seem when disease is present, she is continuing her education to better serve others.  Mary is accepting new clients for Winter 2017 for BioIndividual Nutrition Consulting.

Mary happily serves up three homemade meals a day to her husband and son in their Watertown, Massachusetts, home. For more information about Mary and her work, please view her website at






Hello Friends!

Welcome back to the HYGC site! It's been a while since I've updated anything here on the site due to the fact that our family welcomed a fiesty, happy and healthy baby girl into the fold in October of 2015. It's been a whirlwind since then!

BioIndividual Nutrition Consulting is ongoing if anyone needs a second set of eyes on their health case. Due to my demanding mom schedule I only have time for a few clients a month. As my babe gets older I plan on increasing my hours, so stay tuned for that.

Follow along on our adventures on Instagram @marygbrackett or feel free to drop me a line at marygbrackett (@)

Much Love,