Benefit Your Life ; Bulk blanched almond flour

BioKult ; Probiotic formulas.

Bulk Organic Nuts :  Braga Organic Farms ; Superior Nut Company ; Azure Standard 

Cultures for Health ; Starter cultures and Grolsch bottles.

Eat Wild ; Organic nutrition resources.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil : Chaffin Family Orchards ; Kasandrios

GAPS Online Store ; Books, DVDs, vitamins, skin care products.

Gapalicious ; GAPS Food Guide iPhone app.

Green Pastures ; Fermented cod liver oil and High-Vitamin Butter Oil.

Hardwick Beef; 100% Grass Fed Beef

Kitchen Supplies @ ; Wide selection of kitchen supplies.

Lava Lake Lamb ; Grass-fed, free-range lamb products.

Lead-Free Crock-Pots

Local Harvest ; Organic foods directory.

Make ’n Mold Break-Up Bark ; Chocolate molds.

Miller’s Organic Farm ; 717-556-0672 ; Farm-fresh nutrient-dense foods including sugar-free bacon and bone broth.

Mountain Rose Herbs ; Bulk organic spices.

The Nourished Kitchen ; Real food blogger and classes.

Prescript Assist ; Broad-spectrum probiotic and prebiotic.

Pure Indian Foods ; Organic grass-fed cultured ghee, batch tested for casein < 2.5 ppm, lactose < 2.5 ppm and gluten < 5 ppm

Pure 7 Chocolates ; Organic artisan chocolate

Radiant Life ; Water filtration systems and homemade baby formula kits.

Real Bone Broth ; Homemade bone broth and meat stock.

Sea Salt and Bath Salts ; Celtic sea salt and bath salts.

The Brothery ; Homemade bone broth and meat stock.

Tropical Traditions ; Coconut products and grass-fed meat and dairy.

US Wellness Meats ; Free-range steak, beef sticks, and pemmican.

VitaClay ; Organic clay cooking pots.

Vital Choice Seafood


Wilderness Family Naturals butters ; Bulk coconut oil/palm oil and nut butters.